Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drill Team and Color Guard

Did you know that you can request a transcript from your high school? For two dollars, my high school's County School District sent me a cheap reminder of 1996-2000. I take for granted that I can still log into my Route Y account and see my transcript easily. I can do the same for my graduate school grades. It's fun seeing the grades, sometimes, but it's more fun seeing the class titles. At BYU, I had 191.5 hrs earned. There were a lot fun classes. From my high school transcript, I remembered that I had done AFJROTC for two years. I even did a summer school session.

The ROTC class reminded me of the two years I was on the color guard and drill team for ROTC. It was fun. I was issued a blue uniform, learned and memorized things that I can't remember anymore, including calculating how far off course my plane would be due to wind on a map, earned rank and ribbons. I was really good, at least that's how the Colonel made me feel. From my hindsight perspective, I remember that I really enjoyed presenting the colors (flags) at assemblies and sports events. Even enjoyed the marching around and competition for the drill team, somehow feeling cool because I knew how to properly heft a rifle and march around with it.

I tried to tell Katie about some AFJROTC experiences. She was not in the least bit interested in them. She laughed a bit, thought I was throwing flags around and pink rifles like the girls that tramp around with the Band kids. I tried to tell her.

It is interesting how some things that we find interesting do not have the same affect (I chose this one not the E-ther one) on others. It's possible since we're the ones that have the experience and no matter how closely we relate our experience, it'll never be the same unless someone else has had something very closely similar to what we are transmitting. Unique is difficult to accomplish, yet we often feel our experiences are. How many people have ever lived? That's a lot.


katie k said...

I WAS interested for the first 15 minutes you told me about your JROTC escapades where you fluttered your flags and played with guns:) HUMPH! I just got distracted after a while. sorry!!! I love you though, and if you want to tell me the stories again I will listen.

Scotty and Chels said...

Hey Franc,
That is hilarious that you got a growing dinasour thing! You are entertained like we are!! Gotta love that the head stays huge.
Oh, congrats on getting into medical school! I'm excited for you guys! You'll have to let us know when your baby girl comes. Ours is coming soon! How exciting.