Friday, January 29, 2010

Jury Duty (10/31/2004)

Jury duty entails herded hours of
mindless apprehension,
unwarranted wishful thinking and
compressed rows of rigid-seat hypocrisy for the unappreciative us--US.

Alive? (07/09/2004)

What does it mean when you check to see if someone is alive?

Falling into your gravity (06/07/2004)

Strands of stress,
unnecessary mostly,
flex and awe my
feeble mind reinforcing
the unknown fact that
and relatively
But, quaint relative insignificance is
what I'm committed to
and I keep
ing into your

If I were a tree (05/19/2004)

If I were a tree,
I'd gladly accede.
You'd scale my bows,
climb and tickle,
or not.
I've been frustratingly far...

Things forgotten but still Mine

I have not contributed to my blog; however, since I am taking a break from studying, I decided to add some content for the one person that follows my blog, myself. I apologize to myself for the last post that I put about the computer. I ended up doing a lot of different things. I joined the NAVY, so I'm currently a reservist in the HPSP program. Tying in the computer apology, I bought a late 2009 Macbook Pro 13" base model. I really love it. I didn't think that I would, but I do. One of my favorite features is using the three finger swipe to navigate back and forth in web pages; however, there are some things that irritate me, like I cant' seem to use the arrows to navigate through powerpoints anymore and I can't right click and add a picture to my desktop {Olivia} without monkeying around in the preferences, etc. I know how it's supposed to work, but it doesn't unless I change the setting from center picture, to stretch and back to center, then it'll switch out. There are other issues as well--the OFFICE suite is SOO SLOW. I don't know if it's because I have the older version, but it is a beach ball.

Enough computer speak. I saw 500 days of summer with some friends and katie tonight. I loved it a lot, and made me want to be more creative. It was also a bit depressing, because we all have been that guy or girl. You really felt for the characters and easily projected yourself into the story. This type of experience is enjoyable in a movie. I then found some old journal entries I had written in the summer of '98 in French. They were fun to read. Then I found some entries from 2000, then further back and forth.

My plan is to publish some poems and things that I have written into this blog. If you don't like them, OK. If you want to comment; drop a note. My first one will be above.

The journals and this blog are things forgotten but still mine. Thanks for reading. Kindly, Francisco