Friday, January 29, 2010

Jury Duty (10/31/2004)

Jury duty entails herded hours of
mindless apprehension,
unwarranted wishful thinking and
compressed rows of rigid-seat hypocrisy for the unappreciative us--US.

Alive? (07/09/2004)

What does it mean when you check to see if someone is alive?

Falling into your gravity (06/07/2004)

Strands of stress,
unnecessary mostly,
flex and awe my
feeble mind reinforcing
the unknown fact that
and relatively
But, quaint relative insignificance is
what I'm committed to
and I keep
ing into your

If I were a tree (05/19/2004)

If I were a tree,
I'd gladly accede.
You'd scale my bows,
climb and tickle,
or not.
I've been frustratingly far...

Things forgotten but still Mine

I have not contributed to my blog; however, since I am taking a break from studying, I decided to add some content for the one person that follows my blog, myself. I apologize to myself for the last post that I put about the computer. I ended up doing a lot of different things. I joined the NAVY, so I'm currently a reservist in the HPSP program. Tying in the computer apology, I bought a late 2009 Macbook Pro 13" base model. I really love it. I didn't think that I would, but I do. One of my favorite features is using the three finger swipe to navigate back and forth in web pages; however, there are some things that irritate me, like I cant' seem to use the arrows to navigate through powerpoints anymore and I can't right click and add a picture to my desktop {Olivia} without monkeying around in the preferences, etc. I know how it's supposed to work, but it doesn't unless I change the setting from center picture, to stretch and back to center, then it'll switch out. There are other issues as well--the OFFICE suite is SOO SLOW. I don't know if it's because I have the older version, but it is a beach ball.

Enough computer speak. I saw 500 days of summer with some friends and katie tonight. I loved it a lot, and made me want to be more creative. It was also a bit depressing, because we all have been that guy or girl. You really felt for the characters and easily projected yourself into the story. This type of experience is enjoyable in a movie. I then found some old journal entries I had written in the summer of '98 in French. They were fun to read. Then I found some entries from 2000, then further back and forth.

My plan is to publish some poems and things that I have written into this blog. If you don't like them, OK. If you want to comment; drop a note. My first one will be above.

The journals and this blog are things forgotten but still mine. Thanks for reading. Kindly, Francisco

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Computer this and that Asus

I ask myself, "What should I do?" I'm going to start school again and my Mac G4's screen bummed out on me. I really like the computer, but the screen flickers when I have the screen on with any brightness. It only does this when it is not plugged into a power source. When I have it plugged into a wall, on the lowest brightness settings, it works ok.

I have really enjoyed my forray of OSX 4.1. I liked the way that the search function gave. I really loved using the two finger scroll. I enjoyed using the apple symbol for every little thing. I enjoyed moving back and forth between windows by using the hot corners. I enjoyed a lot of the software experiences that the mac gave me. I even enjoyed the way that applications were down on the bottom of the screen , easily accessible. That being said, I was not totally convinced of Apple's dominance in the computerized age. This could be because I didn't have the latest and greatest. Should I compare it to the windows xp? OSX wins. Anyways.

Powerbook G4: I'll still use you, as long as your tethered to a wall and don't try to make me seizure.

Back to the what should I do. I took the powerbook to class with me last year on occasion to view the powerpoint presentations during class and as a quick reference lookup. It was heavy and the whole situation with the powercord/screen was buggin'. I think it would still be good to have a computer to take to school/class, but I was thinking that a netbook may satisfy my school needs. The netbooks seem to have similar specs as the powerbook, 1.66ghz, 1 gb ram, 160 gb hard disk space. The netbook even improves by adding in non-flicker led screen, webcam, and 10 hour batter life vs. what I have now, which needs to be close to outlet to prevent flicker and ~1 hour off battery. I was thinking about getting the same one that my mother recently purchased, the ASUS 1005ha-p. It runs around 380 dollars. I can also upgrade the memory to 2 gb for 20 dollars more. Then again, I was looking at best buy, and for 100 dollars more, I could get the ASUS K50IJ-RX05 that they're selling at best buy. It would also be a 15" computer, like the mac that I have, and could be upgraded to the windows 7. The smaller eee pc is a 10" and lighter( 3 lbs), instead of 6 lbs that I could get from either 15". I don't know.

It's one of those things that really doesn't matter, then again, it's fun to juggle and think about. Computers are frustrating to think about. You get one, then there is a better deal later. That's why getting the cheaper netbook or budget laptop seems appealing.

My conundrum remains.

Best buy deal Asus k50IJ-rx05 or the Netbook Asus 1005ha?

Has anybody had any experience with the small netbook computers and school?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drill Team and Color Guard

Did you know that you can request a transcript from your high school? For two dollars, my high school's County School District sent me a cheap reminder of 1996-2000. I take for granted that I can still log into my Route Y account and see my transcript easily. I can do the same for my graduate school grades. It's fun seeing the grades, sometimes, but it's more fun seeing the class titles. At BYU, I had 191.5 hrs earned. There were a lot fun classes. From my high school transcript, I remembered that I had done AFJROTC for two years. I even did a summer school session.

The ROTC class reminded me of the two years I was on the color guard and drill team for ROTC. It was fun. I was issued a blue uniform, learned and memorized things that I can't remember anymore, including calculating how far off course my plane would be due to wind on a map, earned rank and ribbons. I was really good, at least that's how the Colonel made me feel. From my hindsight perspective, I remember that I really enjoyed presenting the colors (flags) at assemblies and sports events. Even enjoyed the marching around and competition for the drill team, somehow feeling cool because I knew how to properly heft a rifle and march around with it.

I tried to tell Katie about some AFJROTC experiences. She was not in the least bit interested in them. She laughed a bit, thought I was throwing flags around and pink rifles like the girls that tramp around with the Band kids. I tried to tell her.

It is interesting how some things that we find interesting do not have the same affect (I chose this one not the E-ther one) on others. It's possible since we're the ones that have the experience and no matter how closely we relate our experience, it'll never be the same unless someone else has had something very closely similar to what we are transmitting. Unique is difficult to accomplish, yet we often feel our experiences are. How many people have ever lived? That's a lot.