Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Notebook

At church, they make a point of encouraging us to keep a journal. I'm grateful for different journals and accounts from people in the past. I have benefited from the written accounts of prophets, scientists, artists, family members and others. If someone becomes popular enough, their main works become famous. Once they cannot produce major works, then their scraps, notes, and remains become imbued with power. Journals tend to humanize people.
My first semester at BYU, I discovered Anthropology and decided to make it my own. I met with Dr. Hartley-Moore. She explained what the degree involved. I was excited to have found something that combined my love of language, religion, literature, people, and travel. I was so excited about the prospect of doing anthropological field research that I decided I would start carrying around a notebook to write things I noticed on campus. It was fun taking notes that year, it was fun taking notes in Greece during my mission (with the blue calendar charts). Since the mission, I have used a notebook inconsistently. The year I did at BYU, I wrote poetry and made some fun drawings. This year, I started during the first day of my Master's program. It has been useful in helping me remember names, write notes about the guest lecturers, and think about different topics throughout the day.
The notebook is also a statement in style. My mother-in-law, Mary Beth gave me my current notebook. I really like it. It is thick gridded notebook, no larger than a standard bible, without the index or footnotes. Nice.
The one thing about the notebook is that it really doesn't count as a true journal. Sometimes, it can be as journal-like as a bookie's ledger. The information is really more for me than anyone else.
I'm not very good about doing these posts. I'll start them but not be able to finish them when I first start. If I do not finish at first try, they become disjointed and unfocused. The same thing happened with the last posts. The only one that I finished the first time was the ee cummings post. That has been my favorite.


katie kortman said...

I remember discovering one of your notebook journals when we first started dating... The poems were to OTHER girls... BAH. I do think it is cool that you actually keep a journal though, I have always admired that. I used to be SOO good at it, and now I write about 3 times a year.

Francisco said...

Yeah, I know it's not a REAL journal,'s pretty useful to figure out what I've been doing. Who said what? I love you Katie.

danje said...

hey franc! i just found your blog which is pretty cool. i esp like this post because i too keep a notebook. it started out as a central place to jot down names, times, cool websites or music or whatever, but it's kind of evolved into a personal collection of all my random thoughts and experiences with several pages devoted to things like bus schedules in biarritz or the greek alphabet (when i was visiting). i would really loves to compare notes(books) with you on greece. i never thought of it as an anthropological kind of thing, but i like the idea!