Friday, October 03, 2008

ee cummings

So before I get into anything else, I wanted to give a nod towards the late ee cummings. He is my favorite poet, though the likes of Walt Whitman (principally), Edgar Allan Poe (due to my father reading his work to my sister and I growing up), and Homer (from sheer mythical influence and fantastic inspiration) have all left their mark. I wish I had read more poetry. It's not that I cannot read some now, but I feel that my poetic peak has passed. If you're interested in e e cummings, and have any other authors that you think I might be intersted in, please leave a comment.

I have the complete poems of e e cummings; however, I am very interested in purchasing his lectures given at Harvard,
i: six nonlectures. The lectures are e e cummings speaking about his life and some of his influences. It would have been so exciting to listen to these live. That's one thing that I really enjoyed about BYU and even PCOM-GA now, the lectures and people speaking. The likeliness of a poet speaking for the medical school is pretty low, but the medically centric guests are engaging.

I think that I'll make another post later on some other authors that I enjoy.


katie kortman said...

you are such a beautiful writer! I love this post, and it makes me think about all those poems you used to write (mostly before me). I had forgotten how much you loved poetry when we first started dating. huh. sorry you feel that your poetic peak has past! maybe you can get into some medical poetry... okay I just looked it up on google and I found a book you could read: Poet Physicians: An Anthology of Medical Poetry Written by Physicians

Queen said...

I enjoyed peeking into your life from the comforts of my old stuffy couch.
Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

katie is right! MB

Andy said...

I saw through your facebook status update that you have a blog. I have to chime in about poets and say that William Butler Yeats is a great poet one of my favorite, and that if you haven't read any of his work then you should. Others that I recommend checking out are T. S. Elliot and Ezra Pound.